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I always love hearing what beauty products my friends swear by, so I figured I’d share a few of my favs.  Hopefully these lovelies can help rejuvenate your sun-kissed skin and hair, and carry you gracefully into fall.
This sunless tanner is great for giving you a nice healthy glow even after the warm sunny days are gone.  I have been on the hunt for a tanner that just gives a hint of color that I can use as an everyday lotion and this baby is it!  It has a clean smell and feels more like a lotion than a heavy sticky self-tanner.  It gives you enough color without overdoing it, so you don’t need to worry about bad obvious streak-marks.
2.  Good old-fashioned Baby Powder:  
If you lived with me in college, you know I swear by this stuff.  I am going to let you in on a little secret. . .  I only wash my hair every 4-5 days.  Baby powder is my secret weapon for absorbing any greasy roots on the days in between.  I just sprinkle some in my hands and rub it into my roots.  But lets be honest.  On days when I really need it, I just sprinkle that sucker directly into my hair.  It is also great for lightening up roots for you blondies out there.  I’ve heard that Sephora carries a brown baby powder as well.
3.  Argan Oil:  
The second my hairdresser used this on my hair, I was sold.  I just pour a dime-sized amount of this Moroccan oil onto my palms and run my hand through my hair while it is damp.  It leaves my hair super soft and silky and helps cut down on the time it takes to blow dry my hair (and Heaven knows that takes way too long).

I use this color kind of like a base-coat on my lids every single day.  It’s a nice neutral beige that looks great on its own for a natural look, but also mixes well with darker, more dramatic shades.
Oh boy do I love this stuff!  I often refer to it as liquid gold.  It makes removing my eye makeup at night super painless.  This baby is worth every penny!
This lotion is an oldie but a goodie.  I like the gel more than I do the lotion, because it keeps my face moisturized without the slightest hint of feeling oily.  And a little goes a long way, which is always nice.
Who says you can’t use eye cream for ages 50+ in your 20’s?  My SIL swore by this stuff, and I love it too.  Plus, the bottle is super convenient.  The top lid opens up for a day eye cream, and the jar holds the thicker night cream.  That way you can keep the sensitive skin around your eyes moisturized at all times.
What are some of your favorite beauty products?
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