Homemade Gifts

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that you have had a fabulous start to the new year.  We had a great time hanging out with family, opening gifts, and admiring my moms beautiful tree.
I made most of my gifts this year, and it made it so much more fun to see my family’s reactions when they opened their gifts.  I just think handmade gifts add a little something extra.
aprons for 2 of my sisters-in-law
circle skirts for my nieces
a skirt for my sister-in-law
and I made a pinwheel skirt for my mom
I was going to try and take a little more profesh pics of everything I made, but never was able to get around to it.  I might need to make my sister-in-law model her skirt for me though!
I am muy happy about one of my gifts..
I have wanted a ruffle foot for a while now, and am so excited to start using it!  The brand of the foot is Janome, same as my sewing machine.  It says that it works with any machine that uses snap in foots though.  I’m pretty sure my sister-in-law got it at Joann’s.  It is going to make sewing my shower curtain a whole lot easier.
(have I said “sister-in-law” enough in this post?  Because I have 8 of them!)
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