my new staple

So, my very talented friend Adri had an amazing idea one day that we should swap services.  She wanted one of my aprons, and I needed one of her sweatshirts (*I fixed the link).  I mean, it is a whopping 5 degrees outside people.
So we made and traded.
She got this:

and I got this!
(please don’t laugh at my awesomely awkward poses.  It was late.) 

I am trying very hard to restrain myself from wearing this every single day.  It is perfect because it is long and fitted and is super cozy.  The best part is that it is way more fashionable than just a normal sweatshirt.  It is longer and fitted, more like a shirt.  Plus it matches my Toms.
I suggest you head over here right now and get yourself one too.  We can be fashionably cozy together.
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