mirror, mirror….

I have been on the hunt for a huge mirror to hang on a big wall we have in our living room.  I about died and went to heaven when I saw the price on this sucker….
$29.99?  Are you kidding me??  Leave it to Home Goods.  I can’t get enough of that store.  For all you Utah folks, there is one up in Salt Lake that is superb.  Check it out.
I have since given this beauty multiple coats of glossy white paint and I love the outcome.  I still have a while to go before I will have everything looking the way I have it pictured in my head, but it’s a start.
I should have a brand spanking new tutorial for you this week.  Are you excited?  I’m sure you can’t contain your emotion.   
I’ve been  glued to my sewing machine for the past while.  In the last 2 weeks I have pumped out curtains for my sewing room/office/I feel obligated to say office but its mostly a sewing room, 4 skinny ties for my little man, a few pillows, a handful of hair flowers, and the most hideously amazing cheerleading costume for a friend (bet you can’t wait to see that one).
The month of April is going to be a little crazytown for me, so I apologize in advance if my next few posts don’t knock your socks off.  I recently received a large order for some custom skirts, so I will be sewing up a storm with those.  In addition, we will be moving to Washington DC for 6 weeks this summer for my husband’s externship, so I am frantically scouring Craigslist for housing.  
Good news is that we will also be spending 2 months in LA for another externship, so I might just set up house on the streets of the fabric district. 
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