madewell picks

I like to think of Madewell compared to J.Crew like Urban Outfitters is to Anthropologie.  J.Crew owns Madewell, but Madewell has a slightly more earthy….urban vibe to it.  I browsed through their store this weekend (I swear…the shopping in Utah is nothing compared to out here), and I found myself drooling over quite a few pieces.
I had a hard time putting this necklace down.  I could see myself wearing it every single day.
This picture doesn’t do the shirt justice.
I need to get me some cropped white skinnies.
again, you gotta see these shorts in person.  I died.  They are a bronze metallic fabric and are fabulous.
The gold buttons are the best part of this cardigan.  I have a handful of gold buttons already purchased and just waiting to go onto a cardi.  I just need to find the right fabric…
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