fabric finds

So when my mom and I went down to LA’s fabric district, I had a full blown 3 page typed out list of everything I was looking for.  That’s the only way to do the district.  You need to know what you are looking for beforehand because it is easy to get overwhelmed with so many options.  I left that day with about 1/4th of what I needed, but I did get some amazing stuff.

I scored this gorgeous fabric for $2 a pound.  It is super light, so I think I got about 5 yards for only around $3
This is exactly what I was looking for.  I have something really pretty in mind with this stuff.

Coral jersey is always a necessity

It was love at first sight with this next one…
I knew I wanted some gold sequined fabric, and I am just obsessed with this. Isn’t it gorgeous?!  The skirt I have in mind for this is definitely not maternity friendly.  I have going to have a hard time not making the skirt until I’ve had the baby!

and now for the grand finale…
I ended up getting about 60 yards of this bad boy.  Can you say cardigans?   The amazing workers at Michael Levine hauled this across the street and all the way up to our car!  Once I’m feeling a little better, and back in my own home, you might be seeing some new editions to my etsy shop.

Don’t forget that the Jameson Monroe giveaway ends tonight at midnight!

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