new look

Have you noticed the new blog design?  I decided it was time for a little change (I also have a few more new changes coming shortly…).  I enlisted the help of Connie for installing everything and she completley exceeded my expectations!  I worked on the design elements and she implemented them in no time.  She was an absolute dream to work with and I am so grateful for all of her hard work and effort.  
Connie is also one talented  photographer.  Check out her photography blog, Connie B Photography,  here.  She has a fantastic eye, and is great at making things aesthetically pleasing. 
Thanks again Connie!
I also wanted to let you all know that mypublisher is having another 70% off deal again!  Just use the code GIFTOFPAGES at checkout.  That is the deal that I used to score my books.  You can get a book with up to 100 pages for only $35!! It runs now through Nov 8th, so hurry over there and jump on this offer!  Read more about their terms and conditions here.
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