golden globes

I apologize for an entire week of silence last week.  No baby…definitely still pregnant (2 more weeks to go!).  I have been wrapped up in the world of potty training and the teeny tiny bit of free time I have had have been spent passed out on my bed.  Potty training is tiring!
With that said, I wanted to pop in and show you my top pics for best dressed at the Golden Globes last night.  You might see a little repetition in the colors…

I thought Jessica Alba looked amazing.  Her skin was glowing and that dress was to die for.  The color was perfect on her skin tone. 

Nicole’s dress was unbelievable.  I loved the detailing and how perfectly if formed to her body.  

Kate Beckinsale was the best dressed for me.  I love her and think she is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.  She looked gorgeous in that dress, and those earring!  I died. 

So yes, maybe all my top pics had pinkish/nudish dresses on, but I LOVED them.  What were your favorites?

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