waddling through the district

I talked my SIL Rachel into driving down the the fabric district with me while we were home.  She knows me well because she automatically offered to drive.  I can manage the whole driving to LA thing just fine, I would just prefer to be the passenger so that I don’t have to worry about getting sweat stains on my shirt or making left-hand turns.
I found 75% of the fabric that I needed for Bradley and Cash’s room for a great price.  I’m excited to get going on their bedding.  It is weird that I haven’t had to get anything really for baby Cash, since we have it all from Bradley.  So making new bedding will really help with my nesting process.  
I full blown waddled like a penguin up and down the streets of LA and couldn’t care less.  My back hurts like a mother and waddling is my only form of transportation.
On the way home Rach suggested that we stop by Roscoe’s for some good ‘ol fashioned chicken and waffles.  And you can obviously see from the picture that they really do give you a plate of waffles, and a plate of fried chicken.  SO random and SO good.  We were the only white girls in the joint, which made the experience that much more entertaining. 
And the winner of the BDG Style pillow giveaway is….
Jessica W!
Jessica said… I am a follower of BDG Style”
Shoot me over an email and we will get your pillow on it’s way!
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