dolman + me = love

top: me, shorts: J.Crew, necklace: Nashelle, bracelets: Juicy, J.Crew, lipstick: Mac So Chaud (best orangey-red ever), nails: Sally Hansen Heat Flash
I have been craving some dolman sleeved tops that are loose and flowy.  So I headed down to my local Forever 21 to stock up on a few.  I would see some great potentials on the rack calling my name, but every time I picked one up it was like, “psych!  I’m cropped and about 10″ too short!”  Fabulous.  I got so sick of searching for the perfect fitting top, that I decided to just make my own.
I just created a pattern using a top that had the boat neck that I was looking for, as well as the looseness and length.
I had to use the good ol “trial and error” a few times before I got the sleeves right.  My first attempt at the sleeves would have fit Bradley’s arms perfectly.  But the best part about this sucker is that the sleeves are just an extension of the shirt….no cutting armholes or sewing in sleeves!  I figured since I would eventually have to wash this top I would make a few more.  Pics to come….


So……I joined the Twitter world.  Follow me here ( @LeanneBarlow_).  Don’t judge me because I pretty much only follow Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest.  Or the fact that I still have a hard time deciphering tweets.  And while I’m at it, does anyone know how to post a condensed version of a url when tweeting from a computer?

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