lace and chambray

top: J Crew, skirt: me, shoes: 9 West, necklace: c/o A Beautiful Heart, wrists: Michael Kors, Juicy, Forever 21
I decided to revisit my Lace for Days skirt and pair it with the ever versatile chambray top.  I really like the mixture of feminine lace mixed with something slightly casual.  And why not throw on a big sparkly necklace for good measure.  Or if you were my 3 year old, it would be a big sprinkly necklace.  Either adjective is acceptable in my book.
In other news, I got my first shipment in of these babies for my upcoming clothing line.  It will be the first piece available in the line and it is really fun to see everything coming together.  I don’t want to give too much away but I’ll give you a hint….the skirt is long and awesome and rhymes with taxi.  Just have to finish up a few lose ends and we will be up and running!  DAYS people!  I’m talking days!
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