pink and polka

top: Cotton On, skirt: me, shoes: B.P., glasses: c/o Firmoo, necklace: Nachelle, jewelry: Michael Kors, c/o Glam Grab, Juicy
I can’t get enough of these stretchy pencil skirts lately.  Can you tell?  They might look all prim and proper, but the stretchy knit means I have no problem bending over to hoist up my bajillion pound baby car seat. 
(car seat + solid as a rock infant = emerging biceps)

Also, let me know if you need any help with your taxes, because once I put these puppies on I feel like I can add, subtract, or multiply without even using my fingers.  Firmoo makes one great quality pair of glasses.  At such a fabulous price point, I was very impressed with how well the glasses are made.  They even give you a case, bag, and cleaning cloth as wellThey have an amazing promotion going on right now where you can get your first pair of glasses FREE!  All you pay is the shipping.  Grab a pair like mine and we can all go drop kick some calculators together.  Won’t be needing those bad boys any longer.

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