Butterfinger Caramel Apples

you are still thinking of a neighbor gift to make this year, these
butterfinger caramel apples are easy and delicious.  With all the
goodies and sweets going around, its nice to give some fruit.  Dipped in
caramel, dipped in white chocolate, dipped in Butterfinger.  Super healthy.


2 packets of Caramel Apple Wrap
8-10 apples
Almond Bark
2 bags of Butterfingers (fun size), emptied into a gallon bag and finely crushed
Popsicle sticks
Parchment paper
  • Cover the apples with caramel.

These caramel apple wraps are amazingly easy.  Just place it on the apple, and stretch it to cover the whole thing.  I tried melting caramels and dipping them that way and this was way WAY faster, cleaner, and easier.

  • Insert the sticks and dip in the melted chocolate.

I found it easier to coat the apples in the white chocolate if I poured the chocolate into this tall measuring cup rather than trying to do it in the wider pan.

  • Roll or sprinkle with the Butterfinger crumbs and set the apple on some parchment paper to dry.
They look cute all wrapped up and are easily portable.  Super simple!
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