mixing it up

For the past few years, I have had this laundry list of things I wanted to make to add to my normal Christmas decorations.  But each year those things got pushed aside and I just stuck to putting up the same decorations, in the same places.  But this year I devoted an entire week to just pumping out some holiday crafts and mixing up my usual decor go-to’s.
I managed to knock out this berry letter with this tutorial last year for our door.  But I found that since it was on our door, I never got to really see it.  So I threw up some garland and hung it from some burlap in front of our mirror so it can be front and center.  To me at least.

In adding to the burlap theme, I made this banner with more burlap, some muslin, and letters cut from this glitter foam that was way easier than trying to glitter the letters myself.

I added a few new touches to the tree (all that involved…wait for it….glitter).
I helped decorate for our church Christmas party, and we made a ton of these glitter dipped mason jars (thank you pinterest), so I added some around the house. (Do we sense a theme going on here?)

We also spray painted branches gold and stuck them in cranberries for the centerpieces for the party.  This lovely little leftover is currently a pretty, overwhelmingly tall, centerpiece for my kitchen table.
I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away.  I am so excited.  This year we focused on just sucking every last ounce out of the Christmas spirit cup, and have filled our days with so many fun Christmas activites, all the while blasting various Christmas Pandora stations.  My favorite ones include: Classical Christmas, Kids Christmas, Stevie Wonder Holiday, and Mariah Carey Holiday.  I might have a hard time explaining to Bradley that Frosty the Snowman isn’t a “year-round song”.  But it just might have to be in our household.

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