dress: me, shoes: Target, earrings: gift, bracelets: F21, Necklace: Nashelle
The last time I wore this caftan I was nine months pregnant and looked like this.  HELLO!  Now it is 1 year later, and the baby that was hiding underneath all that yardage is now walking like a champ, screaming like a banshee, and turning one this Saturday! 
I’ve never been big on change.  I like being nice and familiar with places I live, things I do, stages of life.  I like having a little baby and I have a hard time watching my babies turn into toddlers.   I also like having a plan and knowing what lies ahead of me.  But for the last few years I have lived in Provo…….ok more than a few years.  Let’s just say 5…..8…….ugh, fine. 10 years.  TEN.  These new little Provo-ites don’t even know what dorm life is like without DT to teach them the ways of living like sardines.

After years of not knowing what new place we would call home after Garrett graduates from law school, I can finally say that we will be planting our roots back in the great, sunny, bankrupt state of California.  His job is in LA, but we have our sites set on somewhere in Pasadena.  So any helpful info or tips from those of you who are currently comfortably settled there would be greatly appreciated!  The most important thing is that it is 13 miles from the Fashion District, so I’m already sold on the area.

So my baby is turning one, I am moving out of Provo soon, and I had my hairdresser use something other than bleach on my hair.  What is happening to me?!  It is actually a fun little change.  It fits with the whole wintery “below freezing temperatures for weeks on end” thing.  It’s not a forever thing, but I decided to embrace myself some change.  For once in my life.

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