Fabric Swap Event!

Melissa and I have been talking about putting together a big fabric swap for months now, and we are thrilled to be hosting this fun event!  If you are in Utah County, head down to Provo this Saturday to buy/sell/or shop fabric and mingle with us!  I have way more fabric in my office than is socially acceptable and need to do a little destashing before our move to California.  
Space for the event is limited, so go sign up here to reserve your spot.  Once you are on the list we will be emailing you directions to the event and fabric tags for you to label your fabric size, contents, and price (if choosing to sell your fabric vs. swap).
You don’t need to bring fabric in order to come!  Head over if you are in the market for some great fabric.  There will be plenty to go around.  See you Saturday!
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