Golden Spiked Shoulder: Tutorial

Dress: me (similar / similar), Shoes: Target, Jewelry: Jewelmint c/o
 I had this amazingly soft black knit and knew that I wanted to make a simple black dress with it.  I just used a pattern I had created from an existing dress (I also used that same pattern to make this dress).  Once it was completed, I knew it was lacking something.  So I hit up my local Jo-anns for trim inspiration and found the most amazing gold spike trim.  Spikes have a tendency to to be pretty loud, so adding it just to the shoulders gave it a little extra oomph without going too far.  Just a little pop of color on the shoe and that’s pretty much all that was needed!

Click through below for the tutorial…

  • stud trim (I got mine at Jo-anns  but couldn’t find it online.  Sometimes their store has a better selection so it’s worth taking a look)
  • basic black dress  (this one would work great!  If you wanted it shorter it would be easy to hem.  And only $20!)

This trim is great because you can cut it to be as long as you need!  It is 2″ wide, and each of my shoulder pieces were 3″ long.  I attached the studs by sewing in-between the 1st and 2nd row of studs all around the rectangle.

*I’ll also note that I washed the dress and the studs stayed gold.  I was a little worried the color wouldn’t stay on after getting them wet, but I didn’t have a problem. 

And that’s it!  Quick and simple!
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