Fabric Weekend Recap

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My take home from Fabric Weekend.  I couldn’t be more obsessed with the fabric I got.  I told myself I had to stay away from striped this trip, and opted for quality over quantity this time.  I have some amazing silks, sequins, prints and I can’t wait to get sewing!  If only I could purchase the time to sew as easily as I can purchase fabric…

Second weekend in a row with Merrick!
 Melissa and Miriam.  The talent between these two is unreal.
 So fun to finally meet Beth in person!  Glad that we live so close!
photo by Jessica

Could I fit in anymore pictures of fabric?  Pretty sure I couldn’t.  I am still on a high from the fabulousness that was Fabric Weekend.  On day one we all met up at FDIM for a tour of the school (complete with an exclusive look into their trending reports for 2014!).  We scoured the scholarship store connected to the school, then headed over to blessed Michael Levine.  The mecca for any kind of luxurious fabric you could ever dream of.  We got a guided tour from Larry the owner, and I got to drool over the selection in their warehouse with 20 other bloggers that love fabric as much as I do. 

The following day we started out at Mood.  Again, with the fabric selection.  It was a little hard to keep myself from hyperventilating.  Mood has a great selection but is a bit on the pricey side, so I only went for fabric I was totally in love with.  Then back over to The District to recharge with a mighty fine bacon-wrapped hot dog.  Merrick, Melissa, and Miriam loved them as much as I do, solidifying our bond. 

We wrapped up the weekend with a Girls Night Out dinner sponsored by Jo-Anns at the amazing Industriel Farm.  (If it wasn’t for my trusty Jo-Anns, I don’t know what I would have done all those years in Utah, far away from LA)  We spent at least three full hours at dinner.  I could’ve have stayed there all night.  Spending the weekend with so many talented women who all have a similar passion was definitely the highlight of the weekend.  We are all so used to fab-asming (its a thing.  trust me.) over prints and textiles by ourselves, so getting to enjoy it will like-minded friends was such a dream!

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