Top: Forever 21, Cardigan: BCBG (old), Jeans: Fidelity c/o, Sandals: GUESS, Necklace: T&J Designs c/o

Some days (most days) all you need is a great pair of boyfriend jeans, some neutrals, and a pop of color. These boyfriends have been on repeat all week long. And while we are on the topic of boyfriends, if you follow my instagram you already know that MY boyfriend just took the bar last week. Holy cannoli that test is a whopper. 3 days long, 6 hours a day.  I’d rather fold endless loads of tiny clothes missing sock filled laundry than tackle the bar beast (and laundry is high up there on my Things I Hate Doing list).

He studied his brains out for the past few weeks.  While I tried to be as supportive and helpful during study time as possible, reciting him memorized phrases like, “California is a community property state!” along with an occasional fist pump weren’t super helpful.  It was hard watching from the sidelines.  But I do believe that my 3 days of constant prayers and Bar Prep Survival Kits complete with macaroni art from the boys and peppered beef jerky did play a key role in him coming out of that test alive. 

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