Lashes: You Complete Me c/o Velour Lashes , Top: Sheinside c/o, Bracelets: INPINK c/o, Bip and Bop c/o

It’s no secret that I love getting dressed up.  As a mom, I usually opt for the basic jeans and a tee to run around with my boys.  But tell me we are going to somewhere other than the park or grocery store, and I like to break away from my everyday mom attire.  If I’m going somewhere extra fancy, I add a false lash to glam up the look a bit.  I jumped at the chance to use these Velour lashes in the photo shoot for my new Take A Bow skirt.  They are made from 100% mink, so they are super soft and natural looking.  And while I’d love to have lash extensions 24/7, they are quite the maintenance hogs.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  So for me, these lashes are the perfect solution.

Get 10% off your order with code LEANNEVELOUR10 now through Oct 25th.  Just in time for Halloween.  And everyone needs false lashes for Halloween.

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