……I’m gonna need a minute. 
This is what he does when I tell him to smile.  Seriously.  The ears.  the shirt.  the “I just ate a lemon face”.  IDIE.
All our tops are from Target (I shortened the sleeves and widened the neckline on mine a bit)

We took the boys to California Adventure as one last big hurrah before Garrett starts his new job.  It was the kind of day that you relive in your head over and over after the fact.  It was as amazing as we had built it up to be for the kids.  From Bradley walking around the park with his map in full blown tour-guide-mode, to Cash waking up from a nap to sit spellbound through all 40 minutes of the Aladdin show, to running full speed behind Lightning as he drove down the streets of Radiator Springs.  My all time favorite moment might have been facing my boys with my back to the stage as I watched their faces during the Disney Jr. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.  Cash screaming “Meee Mouuuuu!” while fist pumping the air.  Is it too much to say that I got emotional during the part where bubbles came down from the ceiling?  In that moment I realized that I was actually in my boys greatest fantasy.  I just wanted to fill them with massive amounts of candy and ice cream and stack 12 mickey hats on their heads.  Seeing their excitement was everything.

But I will say….watching World of Color was fabulous.  Watching World of Color while holding a 30 lb toddler for 20 minutes straight…..notsomuch.

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