Sweater: Lulu*s c/o, Top: Old Navy, Pants: Dittos c/o (similar), Shoes: Lulu*s c/o, Bracelets: Bip and Bop c/o (here and here), Urban Outfitters 

I played around with the scale of my spots in my second Lulu*s look, with big bold polka dots on top and small leopard spots on the bottom.  They are different enough that it doesn’t come across as matchy-matchy (a trend my former high-school self would have raised a pink manicured roof to….that would’ve matched the pink top and pink flats I’d be sporting).  Speaking of spots, Bradley asks me everyday if we can get a dog.  Yesterday, he stopped a lady on a bike with a basket in the front and told her that he wanted a basket just like that for his bike so that he can put a dog in it and ride around.  Not totally sure where he comes up with this material but he was 100% serious.  With as crazy as our life is right now, I’m just not ready to add a dog to the mix.  And I’m running out of creative ways to tell him “not now”.  But let’s all take a moment and picture him riding around with a tiny dog sitting in a basket secured to the front.  Pretty tempting, even if that’s about as real as that dream is going to get for now.

See my first Lulu*s look here.

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