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It’s my husbands birthday today, so I thought I’d pay a little tribute to him by listing some of his favorite gifts of all time.  At the risk of offending his masculinity, I’ll just say that he is very “in the know” when it comes to men’s fashion.  For some reason he has this innate ability to predict fashion trends right before they explode.  I don’t know how he does it.  So if you are in need of a few good ideas for your man, here are some suggestions from mine.  

1.  Le Labo: Rose 31: Garrett fell in love with the scent of this lotion in a hotel while interviewing with a firm last year.  He tracked down the maker and I gave him this cologne for part of his Law School graduation gift.  I cannot convey to you the amazingness of this scent.  They make each bottle to order, it was printed with his name on the label, and the best way I can tell you how amazing this smells is by directing you to the description of the scent on the website.  No other cologne compares.  Period.

2.  Charles Tyrwhitt Dress Shirts:  Garrett learned about this brand of London-based shirts while working on the hill in DC last summer.  If you have any questions or have to call the company, you get to speak to a polite worker with a delightful English accent.  I thought up questions I didn’t even really have just to stay on the phone with them a bit longer.  Also, do your man a favor and get him a spread collar next time you get him a dress shirt.  They work wonders with ties. 

3.  Allen Edmonds:  I am jealous of these shoes.  This is my favorite style and color.  Hands down.  And they make our whole closet smell like leather.  I would wear these if I could (I do stop and smell them on a regular basis.  Nothing weird about that).

4. & 5.  J. Crew Tie and Pocket Square:  Great tie, classic print, good width.  Pocket squares are a new look for Garrett and I am in love with the herringbone.

6.  The Body Shop Shave Brush:  This makes shaving a little more enjoyable for Garrett and creates a nice thick lather.  It also reminds me of when Smee shaves Captain Hook.  If it’s good enough for the Captain it’s good enough for your man.

7.  Cufflinks:  Cufflinks to dudes are kind of like shoes are to women. 
They can be as loud and fashionable as you want them to be. 

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