I’ve been writing this post in my head ever since stepping on the plane to head home from Alt.  The reason why it actually took me so long to sit down and prep this post is actually very related to the idea behind my favorite take-away from Alt…

Pajamas: Target, Slippers: Boden c/o(similar), Boys Pajamas: Target

Can I tell you a secret?  The weeks leading up to Alt were a madhouse.  I was working to stay on top of my skirt orders (of which I am ever so grateful for), sewing my clothing for the different looks I had planned, prepping my blog posts, getting together my media kits, as well as the daily grocery shopping, mom activities, on and on.  I had too much piled on my plate, and was so looking forward to just relaxing with some of my closest friends, and taking a much needed break (ironically) from the blog world.  I just wanted to connect with inspiring people, stay up too late, and eat yummy food. 

And I did just that.  I seriously had the time of my life that weekend.  You know why?  Because I let myself relax.  So you want to know the main thing I learned at Alt?  Get your mental pens ready, cause it’s a good one…

What you are accomplishing right now at this time in your life is good enough.  Slow down. take a breather. and give yourself a little credit.  This applies to all women!  Not just bloggers, or moms, or businesswomen.  We are all working really hard and progressing and bettering ourselves.  Let’s remember to take time and celebrate where we are at in our life right now.  Not where we hope to be later. 

Seriously.  That’s it.  I have been so focused on new goals I want to accomplish, doing better, doing more, and you know what?  It’s exhausting.  I connected with amazing women that I respect and admire so much that have slowed down and dodn’t focus so much on adding new things to their plate, and it has inspired me to do the same.

When Garrett picked me up from the airport the night I got home, do you know what I did?  I bawled like a baby.  Partially because I was on my period and crazy hormonal, but partially because I was so grateful that he rearranged his schedule to allow me to go to something that I had dreamed of attending for years.  I was grateful for my experience, grateful for him, grateful for my kids, and ready to step on the brakes a bit and just enjoy full days spent as a mom and celebrating where I am at in my life right. now.

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