If you are still scrambling to figure out what to get your man this Sunday, here’s a quick and easy tutorial for you!  My husband always appreciates a new tie, but has recently gotten into adding pocket squares, cufflinks, and tie bars to his daily suit ensemble.  While I much prefer shopping for statement necklaces and stilettos, I have really grown to love how fun it can be to shop for men’s business looks.

A pocket square might be the easiest thing you have ever sewn.  It takes hardly any fabric, and you can make him a handful of different colors/prints to choose from just with your leftover fabric stash!  (although, most of my fabric is pretty girly so I had to do some digging.  I don’t think he would be thrilled with a gold sequin pocket square).  

Click below for the full (did I mention easy?) tutorial….


  • piece of fabric that is at least 17″ x 17″ big (so a larger scrap of fabric could be put to great use!)
  • matching thread
  • serger (optional)

Step 1:
Cut your fabric to measure 17″x17″.  A 16″x16″ square will work just fine too.  I wouldn’t go much smaller than that or else it will be too small and sink down into the pocket.

Step 2:
Serge around your square.  This step is totally optional.  If you have “sewing anality” as I like to call it, and get cold sweats from unfinished edges, then knock yourself out.

Step 3:
Fold all the edges under 1/4″ twice.   Pin and press.

Step 4: 
Stitch all around the square as close to the fold as you can. 

Thaaaats it!  So simple right?  And now you have something you actually sewed for your husband.   I really never thought that day would come.

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