Day 1: Top: J.Crew
Day 2: Top: Old Navy (sold out, similar) | Necklace: J.Crew (similar)
Day 3: Top: Pickwick & Weller c/o
Day 4: Top: Old Navy
Day 5: Cardigan: similar | Top: similar
Day 6: Top: Nordstrom
Day 7: Top: J.Crew Factory | Hat: J.Crew (sold out, similar)

If you have read my blog or instagram for a while, I often refer to how rarely I wash my hair.  The time it takes to wash, blow dry, and style is just not the kind of time I have right now to do more than once a week.  The problem is, if I don’t take the time and style it right on the first day, I end up needing to wash it about every 3 days.  Over the years, I have perfected the ability to get by with only washing my hair once a week.  Imserious.

I’ll start by telling you that my hair is pretty thick, and has a natural, not-cute-air-dried, wave to it.  It isn’t overly greasy.  So if your hair is similar, I hope that these steps work for you!  This isn’t a sponsored post, just simply how I have gotten away with washing my hair less often.  If you have slightly thinner, or greasier hair, I’ll give you a few extra tips throughout to help extend the life of your wash.

To start with, here are the products that I use throughout the week.  Most of them are really inexpensive that you can just get at a drugstore.  I’m sure there are more expensive brands that work great, but I have been happy with these (I’ll talk more about when to use them below).

Suave Dry Shampoo
Tresemme Extra Firm Control Hair Spray
Mitch Stone Lustre Drops
Garnier Fructis Surfer Hair 
Baby Powder
Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner
V05 Hot Oil Treatment 
Hot Tools 5/8″ Curling Iron
Chi Straightener

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Day 1:

Hair washing day (obviously).  Like I mentioned above, I have to take the time to dry and style it in order for it to last.  I wash my hair with Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner (I’ve been using this stuff for over a year and I love it.  I don’t feel like my hair has gotten too used to it either).  Once a month I try to do a V05 Hot Oil Treatment .  It works wonders and I really see a difference when I use it.  When I’m out of the shower and my hair is wet, I rub Scalpicin into my scalp, usually just around the front crown of my head.  This really helps keep my scalp from getting itchy as the days go by.  Then I blow it dry for a few minutes till damp, and rub a few pumps of Mitch Stone Lustre Drops into it.  I’ve used my fair share of various oils, but this stuff is the best!  It makes my hair visibly shiny and smooth.  I’m a customer for life with this product. Then I blow dry my hair completely and straighten with my chi straightener by dividing it into sections.   I don’t just skim over the top, I take the time to straighten every section.  I don’t do much more product or hair spray this day.  Honestly, the first day of washed hair is not my favorite.  When it is a little more piecey and dirty it’s easier to work with.

Day 2:

From here on out, it’s just a matter of adding a few products and touch ups during the week.  The night of the first day, I put my hair in a low loose braid to sleep and spray a bit of Tresemme Extra Firm Control Hair Spray on it.  The following morning, I get soft big waves without much work.  I re-straighten the top of my hair till about my cheekbone, and then use my Hot Tools 5/8″ Curling Iron (best curling iron ever! I’ve had mine for 11 years! The perfect size barrel too, make sure you get the 5/8″).  This helps secure the existing waves and add a bit more curl.  I’ve found that the more I curl it this day, the longer the curl will last for the following days without much retouching.  Then I rub some Garnier Fructis Surfer Hair  putty in my hands and loosely run my fingers through the ends.  This will separate the curls, and give them a more natural beachy look.  I also spray everything with Tresemme Extra Firm Control Hair Spray to secure it, and run my fingers through it again after spraying.  I’ve also used this hair spray for years and I love it.  Its great for humidity and really helps with frizz and fly-aways.  If you have thinner hair, try teasing it a bit each day to keep up the volume.

Day 3:

This day is probably my favorite.  My hair is slightly dirty by now, so I start using Suave Dry Shampoo on my roots to soak up any grease.  The greasier your hair is, the more Dry Shampoo you will need.  Spray it about 6″ from your hair and make sure you rub it in with your fingers.  I do it mostly on the top along my part and front sides of my hair.  I’ll spray along the roots of one section, rub it in, then move that hair off to the side and do another section about an inch apart, all along the top/front of my hairline.  Again, I’ll re-straighten the top, touch up any curls with the curling iron, and give it another good hairspray.  I like to pull it into a low half-up, with a few pieces lose in the front.  This helps hide any sections are starting to look greasy (but the dry shampoo usually does a good job of hiding that).

Day 4:

Now my hair has a good amount of product in it.  I add some dry shampoo, and I also pull out my secret weapon, baby powder.  Sprinkle some into your hands and rub it into your roots and it should do the trick.  It’s great for blondes especially because it helps lighten up any regrowth that is starting to look pretty dark.  I have heard that coco powder gets you the same effect for brunettes, but I haven’t actually seen it tested.  (if you are a brunette that has tried this, let me know how it works in the comments!) I may straighten a few front sections that just need smoothing  It’s probably too dirty to really do the ‘part and straighten’ look.  I’ll now curl the top sections of the hair all the way up to the top of my head, not just the ends.  Then I pull back the hair on the top crown of the head and secure it with bobby pins or a small clip.  The bigger curls give it body, and stay better now that it is more dirty.  I’ll hair spray it again to set the look.

Day 5:

Now we’ve reached the ‘too dirty to wear down’ stage.  Dry shampoo will soak up the grease again, and a high pony with the volume left over from yesterday’s big curls should do the trick.  I also hair spray it.

Day 6: 

Grab all that hair and whip it up into a messy topknot.  Because of all the product in it now, it will be nice and big.  Secure with an elastic and bobby pins. And spray that baby!

Day 7:

The cheater day!  Throw on a hat and wrestle that rats nest into a braid.  This kind of hair makes the best braids because it is so full (sometimes I’ll tease it more before braiding it).  Then go run your errants at Target and Costco and laugh to yourself about how you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair.

At that point, its probably time for a good hair washing.  I will add this disclaimer: For the days/weeks that I am really working out hard, or running longer distances, it can get dirty much quicker.  Sometimes I have to break down and wash it twice a week.  But I have also found that if I blow dry my hair on the cool setting after a sweaty workout, I can usually get by with a few extra days.

I do shower everyday!  I promise!  When I shower, I throw my hair in a bun, secure it with a clip, and put on a big thick headband to keep my hairline from getting wet.

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