After living in our house almost a year, I am finally ready to really start decorating our space.  We live in a bungalow built back in 1912 that was recently remodeled.  It has so much charm and after lots of stewing, shopping, and planning, I have started finalizing the designs for each room.  Right now I am working on my kitchen/living room area.  It is one big room, and I want a light neutral space with a few pops of color and gold accents (so pretty much how I plan my outfits).  World Market has been a lifesaver for me in the design process.  I feel like they are this hidden gem full of so many beautifully designed pieces at incredible prices.  I just snagged this amazing light fixture for my office for just under $100!  I am completely obsessed and have been on the hunt for something like this for months.

While the decor accents add the finishing touches, starting with amazing furniture pieces are really what kickstarts the look and feel of a room.  World Market is having a huge 25% off sale on all of their furniture and it starts today!  I’m ready to narrow in on some key pieces (these beauties have my name all over them) and wanted to make sure you all could benefit as well.  (use code FURNTIME)  Enjoy, and happy weekend!

Shop my World Market inspiration board below…

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