Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m excited to kick off a new series on my blog. I’m calling it “The Monthly Edit” and every month I’m going to break down 5 of my current favorite products. They might be beauty products (ok…they will probably be mostly beauty products) or they could be favorite scents, electronics, whatever I come across that I absolutely love. The most important thing about The Monthly Edit is that I will only include products that I really really love. Ones that I have tested for a while and know that they are worth it. Ones that I will buy again without hesitation once they run out. I am constantly discovering new products and want to share the really good stuff with you!
So here is this month’s February Edit…

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to include in my February Edit, and narrowed down my picks to these five: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxi Gloss in ‘Smooth Talker’, Bremenn Clinical Miracal Cream, Duo Eyelash Adhesive Dark-Tone, and Phytomer XMF Pionniere Reset Eye Fluid. And here is why they made my top five…

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: I’ve tried a lot of different mascaras that claim to lengthen lashes, and this one is my current favorite lash lengthener. It is fairly thick in consistency, but is really creamy, so it doesn’t cause any clumping. It’s also great for adding multiple coats of mascara. My eyelashes are naturally…I wouldn’t call them straight. Worst than straight. They point straight, down, left, right, everywhere. So I always have to curl them. Any mascara that isn’t waterproof pulls my lashes down and doesn’t keep them curled, so I always add a layer of waterproof mascara, let it dry, and then apply this lengthening mascara on top of it. That way my lashes stay curled, lengthened, and not clumpy.

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxi Gloss in ‘Smooth Talker’: I always have some kind of lip gloss in my bag. I am usually drawn to a pink/coral color, but adding that shade of gloss to a lighter pink lipstick can sometimes wash me out in pictures. This color is a darker pink than I would normalls choose, but I love it because it is the perfect shade to add on top of a light pink or coral. It also has a little hint of gold shimmer which is really pretty, and not too sparkly.

Bremenn Clinical Miracal Cream: I can’t say enough amazing things about this face lotion.  I’ve been using it for over a year now, and it is my favorite night face cream. A little goes a very long way, I use about a pea size every night. It it named very appropriately. I feel like I can tell a difference in the firmness of my skin in the morning after wearing it all night. I apply it after my toner and benzoyl peroxide lotion that can really dry out my face.  This night cream is thicker and adds a layer of moisture to my skin that stays put, isn’t greasy, and visibly firms.  I love this lotion with all my heart.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive Dark-Tone: This is a really simple, really inexpensive product, but makes a huge difference in my opinion when putting on false eyelashes. Clear eyelash glue doesn’t always dry “clear”, and I can tell when clear glue has been used. This dark glue dries black and blends in perfectly with your eyeliner.

Phytomer XMF Pionniere Reset Eye Fluid: Amazing night eye cream. You only need a very very tiny amount to add to your eyes, I usually add any left over to the area in-between my eyebrows. This is a little more pricey, but because it required so little, it lasts for a very long time. It creates a kind of film around your eyes and feels like it is sealing any fine lines or wrinkles around the eye area. It is a really high-quality product. I’ve use a lot of Phytomer’s products and you can tell that you are getting a great luxurious product. I also notice a difference with the firmness around my eyes in the mornings after I use this cream.

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