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I will be doing a roundup of all of my favorite clothing for the second trimester in my Dressing The Bump series soon (see my first trimester roundup here), but I wanted to create a post specifically focused on my favorite maternity pants. The right fitting maternity pants can be really hard to find. So many of the ones I have tried and purchased in the past end up sliding down or making me feel a little frumpy. And frumpy is not a super fun thing to feel when you are 6 months pregnant!

With this pregnancy I switched over to maternity pants quicker than I have in my previous pregnancies. I’m so glad I did because they are so much more comfortable! My advice is to invest in 1-2 really great fitting jeans. You will live in these, and I feel like if you start wearing them early on in the pregnancy, you will get your moneys worth out of them. And the fit of the right maternity jeans (like these I’ve worn in this and this post) make all the difference. With my last pregnancy I ended up spending the same about of money on 3-4 pairs of maternity jeans, none of which I loved. These comfy joggers aren’t maternity, but man do I love them! I change into them by 5pm almost every night. And these running/yoga pants are the most luxuriously soft pants ever! (I posted all about them here

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