I love playing around with my eye makeup and trying out different shades. I tend to shy away from darker colors, because as a blonde, I feel like too smoky of an eye can look harsh on me when contrasted with my hair. Urban Decay just launched their new Naked Smoky palette this week (available here) and I was thrilled with the color options available! I’m a big fan of their Naked 2 palette, so I was excited to try this one out. I feel like I would actually use most of these colors, and still be able to achieve a fantastic smoky eye without it looking too dark or dramatic.

photography by Kendra Maarse

Here is what I did to create my subtle smoky eye:
Step 1:  I started by placing ‘Thirteen’ just below the highest point in my eyebrow arch and in my inner eyelids.
Step 2: Then I swept ‘Combust’ all over my entire lid with the big fluffy side of the eyeshadow brush the palette comes with. ‘Thirteen’ and ‘Combust’ are beautiful matte colors that work well together and are perfect for an everyday look. 
Step 3: With the shorter brush side, I placed ‘Dirty Sweet’ in the middle of my lid and distributed it out to the corners of my eye, and up to the insides of the creases of my eyelid. 
Step 4: With the same short brush, I swept ‘Whiskey’ all along the inner crease of my eye. I shied away from this color at first, but I ended up loving the color on my eyes! It created depth and drama without looking too dark, and was a pretty contrast with blue eyes.
Step 5: I placed a little ‘Smolder’ with the short brush just on the outside V’s of my eyelids, and a little along my lower lash line.
Step 6: I finished of the look by gently blending the colors together with the fluffy brush to eliminate any harsh lines. (the brush alone is worth the palette in my opinion!)
Thank you to Urban Decay and Conde Nast for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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