Last night Garrett and I went to see Brian Regan perform. It
was a complete blast and my cheeks still hurt today from laughing so hard! It
has been quite a while since we went on a date night (you know…the whole having
a baby thing probably has something to do with that). But this was a spur-of-the-moment thing and we decided to just go for it.
We dropped the kids off with Garrett’s mom and little Eli did great! I was a little nervous about leaving him, but it really helped knowing
that he takes a bottle so well. I have really loved Dr. Brown’s Options bottles because they have a bottle insert for newborns that helps eliminate any air
bubbles in the bottle so it doesn’t leave Eli upset and gassy. This is great with helping him digest the milk. They also help preserve the vitamins in breast milk. The nipple of
the bottle is specially designed to mimic a mother’s breast during feeding, so
he is able to latch on really easily. Sometimes trying to get babies to take a
bottle can be tricky (I totally struggled with getting Bradley to take one) so
I was really happy to find these bottles that make it so easy for nursing babies
to adjust to. (you can find them at Target)

I absolutely love nursing
Eli. Granted…. I had to get through the week of crazy pain adjusting to nursing (and
another painful week of thrush…ouch!) but we are at a really good place now and
I love the bond it creates between the two of us. However, I just recently let the boys take turns
feeding Eli with the Dr. Browns Options bottle and I have as much fun watching them
feed Eli as I have nursing him. Garrett loves coming home from work and getting to feed him while watching baseball after the older boys have gone to bed.  To be honest… sometimes it’s pretty nice
handing the bottle to Garrett to take over for a bit while I work on things
around the house. It makes feeding Eli something that the whole family can participate in!
Thank you to Dr. Brown’s for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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