I’m so excited to kick off a new series on my blog called ‘After the Bump’. Think of it like a sequel to my ‘Dressing the Bump’ series. In my Dressing the Bump series I listed all of the key clothing pieces to have for your first, second, and third trimester of pregnancy. Now I’m taking things a step further, and walking you through all of my must haves once the baby is born. Since I’ve now gone through 3 babies, I have a really clear picture of all of the products that you use on an everyday basis to care for your newborn. And I’ve rounded them all up in this post. I’m also giving away a Baby Registry Essentials Kit with Dr. Browns over on my Instagram, so go check that out and enter here!

Today we are kicking things off with everything that you should include on your baby registry. I remember walking into Babies R Us when I was pregnant with my first feeling SO overwhelmed. I felt like I needed everything because I had absolutely nothing. But good news! You don’t need everything. But you do need a lot of things..and the key is knowing what you will use and what you won’t use for the first few months of your babies life.

I’ve broken down my list into 6 categories: Changing, Sleeping, Feeding, Cleaning, Traveling, and Cleaning. I break them down individually below, and then compiled the complete list at the bottom of this post. Feel free to past this along to anyone that you know who is expecting!


  • Wipes: You will need millions of these. I usually get the sensitive ones when they are brand new for the first month or so. After that you can get a good feel for if they have sensitive skin or not. I usually get the less expensive wipes after about 2 months if they don’t have skin that is easily irritated. 
  • Wipe Warmer: It sounds unnecessary but I always felt so bad wiping baby bums with a freezing cold wipe in the middle of the night! This one is aesthetically pleasing and has a nightlight that comes in handy in a dark room. 
  • Diapers: Lots of my friends love the Papers Swaddles when they are newborns. I have been more partial to Huggies because I feel like I have less blow outs in those. I just when through a full pack of Honest Diapers and they can last a full night no problem. I was super impressed. But they are pretty dang pricey. Want to know my favorite right now? Up & Up. They are easily the cheapest I’ve found and work just as well as Huggies. I highly recommend them!
  • Diaper Rash Cream: Change poopy diapers immediately with newborns. That yellow newborn poop develops rashes so quickly! And cream after every change helps as well. I love Dr. Brown’s Diaper Rash Cream. 
  • Changing Table: This is a must have for me. Its just more comfortable to have one right at your level. Laying the baby on couches or floors just doesn’t cut it for me. I have one similar to this one from Target, or you can splurge with this one. Isn’t it gorgeous!?
  • Changing Pad/ Cover:  I recommend this cover for your pad. The minky fabric whisks away moisture and is easy to wipe of. (it’s also washable)
  • Diaper Genie:  Some people throw them in trash bags and take them to their outside trash, but I just don’t have time for that. I use mine like crazy and it’s super convenient and I haven had any problems with odor. Make sure you register for the Diaper Genie Elite. This one has a lever you press with your foot to open the top, making it easy to toss in the diaper if you only have one free hand. While you’re at it, register for some Diaper Genie refills as well.

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  • Bassinet/Crib: Don’t stress if you don’t have a crib for the first few months of your babies life. They sleep in your room for a good while anyway. But a bassinet is important when they are in your room. I’ve done a pack and play before, which is fine, but they do take up a lot of space. I have been using the HALO Bassinest with Eli and I can’t say enough good things about it! I love it so much I am dedicating an entire post to it in a little 😉  It takes up minimal space and your baby can sleep right next to you. Which is so helpful for those late night feedings. 
  • Blankets: You can never have too make blankets. I love the Aden and Anais muslin blankes for when they are a little older (they are super big, which can be hard to swaddle a newborn in). I am obsessed with June & January’s blankets. Perfect size, and made of high quality knit muslin so they hold their shape and keep their beautiful wash after wash. 
  • Sleepers: I love this kind with the elastic at the bottom. Super easy to change diapers. And these footie ones are darling and keep them nice and warm at night.
  • White Noise Machine: We got this one with Bradley and our boys still use it. I need to get a second one for Eli! It helps them drift off to sleep and keeps them from hearing any noises outside their room that might wake them up.
  • Pacifier: Some babies take them, some don’t. Try a few different kinds to see which ones your babies like best. I love these PreVent Contoured pacifiers from Dr. Brown’s. They are made to fit a tiny mouth and they glow in the dark for crying out loud. Brilliant. I also love this Giraffe Lovey Pacifier Holder that helps keep that paci in during car rides when it will inevitably pop out in the middle of stand still traffic. 
  • Humidifier: Super helpful for congestion and keeping their little system healthy.
  • Rocking Chair/Glider: I didn’t get my first rocking chair till my second baby. This glider is beautiful!You spend so much time nursing, it is really nice to have a comfortable seat to sit/sleep in while you feed!
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(for nursing and bottle feeding)

  • Nursing Pillow: I literally refuse to nurse without one. Super helpful. I love this Nursing Pillow by Dr. Brown’s.
  • Nipple Cream: Nursing is crazy painful for the first few weeks. Don’t give up! I could give a sermon on nursing, but make sure you use nipple cream. This Dr. Browns Nipple Cream works great and isn’t sticky.
  • Nipple Shield: I get so so sore every time I start nursing and these nipple shields help give me a little break to heal and still allow me to nurse. They were recommended to me by a lactation specialist and they literally saved me. And please please meet with your lactation specialist! You should see one in the hospital no matter what, but don’t hesitate to go back a week after as well. Even if it might be working fine for you in the hospital, it can get hard once you are home. I even met with one after having my third baby and it was still helpful!
  • Breast Pads: It’s always smart to register for nursing pads like these Dr. Browns Disposable Breast Pads to have on hand, because leaking all over your bra and shirt is no fun (and messy!).
  • Burp Cloth: There are 3 things I have with me at all time each time I nurse- my nursing pillow, a giant water bottle, and burp cloths. I go through at least 2 a day. I love these Aden & Anais ones because they are big, fit perfectly on your neck, and convert into a (non ugly) bib!
  • Bottles: Even if you nurse, you will still want bottles for when you pump. These Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles are great for newborns because they eliminate any air in the bottle that will cause painful gas bubbles in babys tummy.
  • Bottle Warmer: Super helpful especially if you are formula feeding! Dr. Browns Bottle Warmer is compact and easy to use.
  • Bottle Cleaner: You will be cleaning lots of bottles, might as well make it easy with a cleaner made specifically for bottles!
  • Milk Storage Bags: I used regular ziploc bags for a long time….and then realized that my frozen milk was going sour! It was so upsetting to me. So make sure to register for some of these!
  • Pump: Get one as soon as you can! When your milk is coming in you are so engorged, and if the baby isn’t hungry, pumping will give you relief you need, extra milk to save for later, and keep you from getting mastitis or clogged milk ducts! You should be able to get one for free in the hospital (I know this to be true in California…not positive on the other states)
  • Pump Strap: If you have a pump, you need a Pump Strap! After nursing all day, the last thing you want to do is nurse a machine and not have your hands free. This strap holds the pumps in place for you so your hands are free to work or help with the baby. It is genius and I am so so grateful that I have one!
  • Gas Drops: My newborns get super gassy especially when my milk comes in. These drops helped so so much and are safe for brand new babies. Have these on hand before the baby is here! It is no fun to have to make a late night trip to the drugstore to pick them up with a screaming gassy baby. Believe me. I’ve had to do it.
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  • Car Seat: This Nuna carseat is my favorite. It’s lightweight and the seat is super plush and comfy. It comes with an infant insert for when they are little. My favorite part about it is it has a built in shade protector! It sticks with magnets on the sides, and then hides away nicely in the cover when you aren’t using it. Brilliant!
  • Stroller:  I could write a book on strollers I’ve don’t so much research. So let me make this easy for you. The Baby Jogger City Select is the way to go. It is narrow so it fits through clothing racks and doorways, easy to maneuver, the bottom basket is huge and holds a ton, and its easy to close up (believe me…I open and close mine 5-6 times a day taking the older 2 to school each day). Plus it’s beautiful. The best part is that it changes to a double so easily! When the second one comes along you just buy the second seat adaptor and pop on a second seat. No need to buy a second stroller! (which I had to do when I had Cash. I wish I would have just started with this stroller in the first place!) It is spendy… I know. I opened up an Etsy shop and sold my handmade clothing just to be able to afford it. It is that worth it! For the Nuna carseat I just bought this attachment and it pops on easily. I would also recommend this universal console for holding keys and drinks. I use it every time I use my stroller.
  • Diaper Bag: There are so many beautiful ones out there, but this one from Petunia Picklebottom is my absolute favorite. Its the perfect size, wipes off easily, looks like a normal person, and don’t even get me started on the gold hardware. I love love love it.
  • Baby Wrap: I highly recommend the Solly Baby wrap! Baby loves it and it so nice for getting work done around the house while still being able to “hold” your baby.

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Bouncer: For sure you need a bouncer. A simple portable one like this is just fine. Its really handy because you can move it from room to room. But holy cow… I am in love with my mamaRoo Bouncer Seat. It is the cadalac of bouncers! I have a more in depth post coming up on this bouncer, but the main takeaway is that it actually rocks a baby like a mom rocks a baby. And it has white noise built into it. And bluetooth, and a connection for your phone. And a freaking app on your phone so you can control it from across the room. You guys….its amazing.
Bumbo Seat: I start using our Bumbo seat when our babies are about 2 months. Its great to help strengthen their necks, easy to clean, and babies love getting to sit up and actually see you!
Books: I’m all about reading to your babies early. They love it! It helps their little minds and eyesight. Hard books are great for little ones.


To help get you started on your registry, I’ve teamed up with Dr. Brown’s to give one lucky winner a Baby Registry Start Pack full of my very favorite Dr. Browns products! This giveaway includes:

PreVent Contoured Pacifiers
Giraffe Lovey Pacifier Holder
Diaper Rash Cream
Nursing Pillow
Nipple Cream
Disposable Breast Pads
Bottle Warmer
Bottle Cleaner
Milk Storage Bags
Baby Wash
Baby Lotion

Amazing, right?! To enter, head over to this instagram post with all the details of how to enter (it’s super easy). The giveaway is open to US and Canada (except Quebec).

Below I’ve rounded up all of my Baby Registry Essentials into one condensed list. Feel free to print it out, or pin this post and save it for later!

Wipe Warmer
Diaper Rash Cream
Changing Table
Changing PadCover
Diaper Genie
White Noise Machine
Rocking Chair/Glider
Nursing Pillow
Nipple Cream
Nipple Shield
Breast Pads
Burp Cloth
Gas Drops
Bottle Warmer
Bottle Cleaner
Milk Storage Bags
Pump Strap
Baby Wash
Baby Lotion
Wash Cloths
Bath Towel

Diaper Bag
Baby Wrap
Bumbo Seat

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