Since it’s Halloween month (aka- my secret favorite holiday), Merrick and I are bringing you some fun tutorials for costumes that you can make with our online sewing courses, The Modern Girls Guide to Sewing. In our beginners course, we teach you the basic skills of sewing, and at the end of the course we walk you through how to make a simple elastic waistband skirt. This type of skirt is so versatile! Today, I used all the steps for this skirt to make a simple skirt for…..Tink!


So head on over to, and pick up our beginners course. Since it is the beginning of October, there is plenty of time to learn the skills to make you or your daughter a simple elastic waistband skirt for a Tinkerbell costume!

To learn how to make Tinkerbell’s wand, click through for the full tutorial below. And stay tuned as we bring you more Halloween costumes that you can make with The Modern Girls Guide to Sewing online courses each day this week!


Step 1: Gather materials-

  • a wooden dowel
  • mylar streamers
  • glitter tape

Step 2: Wrap the glitter tape around the wooden dowel at an angle, to cover the entire stick. Secure with glue or tape at either end.

Step 3: Wrap a strip of glitter tape around the very edge of one of the ends of the dowel, sticking strips of mylar in a row to the tape before wrapping it all the way around.

Step 4: Thats it! Super simple and Tinkerbell approved.

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