My second costume for The Modern Girls Guide to Halloween week is a Grecian Goddess! I used a really lightweight sheer white chiffon with a swiss to make this shift dress. If you missed our other costumes earlier this week, make sure to check out my Tinkerbell costume and Merrick’s Mary Poppins costume, which we both made using the simple elastic waistband skirt that we teach you how to make in our Beginners Course.

In our Intermediate Course over at, we teach you more advanced skills than in our Beginner Course. We walk you through how to create and insert a sleeve along with everything else you need in order to create a simple shift dress- which is what I made for my Grecian Goddess costume. Shift dresses are so simple and the possibilities for costumes are endless!





Let us show you everything you need to know in order to make this shiftdress over at

I also included a tutorial on how to make my gold leaf Grecian headpiece to go with the dress. Click on the link below for the full tutorial.

Step 1: Gather Materials-
  • gold spray paint
  • fake berries and ivy
  • plant twisty ties or thin wire
Step 2: Wrap the plant wire around the fake string of berries, so that it can bend to form around your head and hold its shape.Step 3: Tie on any additional ivy or leaves for the full look.

Step 4: Spray your headpiece gold. Make sure every inch is covered in gold.

Step 5: Place it on top of your head similar to a headband, and bobby pin in place if necessary.

Step 6: Thats it! Super simple.


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