My everyday outfits tend to be pretty simple, with a few fun pieces thrown in (like this fun fringe bag). I love this long knit cardigan, and find myself grabbing it to throw on as I rush out of the house multiple times a day. Sometimes it’s the simple basic pieces that I love the most.
Just like my focus on simple basic clothing pieces, I’ve tried to embrace a little more simplicity in my own life. For the past few months I’ve really been mentally working on stepping on the breaks a bit. It got to the point where I always felt rushed. Rushing to school, rushing through bedtime, rushing to make dinner…I felt like I wasn’t taking the time to enjoy anything because I was so focused on getting to the next item on my to do list. 
I’m currently participating in the ‘Create a Life You Love’ campaign with the Kathy Davis Brand. I love their focus on creating meaningful products and their emphasis on loving life. I want to take more time to love my life, and that means every aspect of my day. So I’ve scaled back a bit on my ‘to-do’s. I still make my daily lists, but i don’t stretch myself too much to try and complete too many things at one time. If I only get through 2 things on my list that day, I’ve gotten better at being ok with it. The rest of the list will still be there tomorrow. Just switching my personal expectations mentally has really helped me to simplify and start loving my life more. 
Learn more about the ‘Create a Life You Love’ campaign and share things that you have done to enrich your life by following @KathyDavidBrand and by tagging your photos with  #CreateaLifeYouLove.

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