photography by Kendra Maarse 

Diaper bags are crucial for a new mom. Diapers, wipes, a burp cloth, pacifier, bottle, nursing cover, extra onesie, extra socks, snacks for the older kids, and sometimes you even throw in a few things for yourself. I live for all the compartments in my diaper bag. The downside is that I miss using my other bags. It feels like such a waste to have big pretty bags that you can’t use with babies because they don’t have all the pockets need. But, thinking of all my diaper bag items thrown into my favorite tote bags sounds like a headache, and I would constantly be digging around for items.

Enter: Tote Savvy. Have you hear about it? It’s a genius bag insert that converts your existing tote bags into diaper bags! The simple sleek design has plenty of pockets for all your baby necessities (it even comes with a changing pad rolled up inside). It has a key clasp, a notebook sized pocket, and an insulated bottle pocket as well! Do you know what this means? It means that you don’t have to stop using your favorite bag simply because it isn’t baby friendly. It opens up so many more diaper bag options! I’m constantly switching bags and the Tote Savvy makes it super quick and convenient to switch from one bag to the other. Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting to move over my wallet or Eli’s favorite pacifier (he’s a paci snob), because it will all come out of one bag and into the other at one time.

Check out more about the Tote Savvy and see all the color options available here. You can also get 15% off of your Tote Savvy with the code: ELLE.

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