• Eli is drooling and gnawing on his hands all the time now. These teethers from Dr. Brown’s are easy for small hands to hold, and such a cute design!
  • I don’t shop very often in the little girls department….but if I did I don’t know if I could pass these up. Can I get them in my size please?
  • My pediatrician said that I could start Eli on rice cereal. (he has “happy baby acid reflux”. He spits up constantly, but it doesn’t bother him) So many baby spoon designs give me carpal tunnel, but these spoons from Dr. Brown’s don’t hurt my hand to grip, and fit easily in tiny mouths.
  • Bradley has been begging me for a new backpack. We got the one he has now 3 years ago for preschool and its starting to fall apart. This one is quite the upgrade from Lightning McQueen!
  • What comes after rice cereal? Baby food! (stop growing up, stop growing up) This food masher is compact and simple. Meals are always a rush to get everyone fed and happy, so I don’t have time to bust out a whole blender contraption. I’m going to need a masher like this one from Dr. Brown’s that is compact and easy to clean.
  • Both my boys have Natives and we love them. These new designs look like they might be even better. Smaller holes so less sand gets inside, and a washable fabric instead of rubber to prevent odors.  Cash had literally worn holes in the bottoms of his rubber ones, so I might have to try this kind next.
  • Mr. Eli loves his paci, and Mr. Giraffe helps him keep it in when I can’t reach it while driving. I also like that you can unclip the paci and interchange them. He’s a paci snob, so just one kind of paci doesn’t do the job.


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