We’ve all done it. Wash and style hair, wear it styled for a few days, then toss it in a messy bun around the time that it needs washing. But so many times I throw it in a messy bun with every intention of washing it the next day…and it just doesn’t happen. I put the Living Proof products to the test, and today I’m sharing how I was able to recreate a freshly styled look (long after my hair was fresh) using my favorites from their line. 

 Here’s the lineup of my favorites in the order that I use them. I start with the Dry Shampoo, second I add the Style Extender, then the Satin Hair Serum, and finish with the Flex Shaping Hairspray.

I’d say this was about day 5 since my last wash. I wore it in a messy bun exactly like this the day before.

FIRST: Dry shampoo. This one is my favorite of all the Living Proof products. I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos and this one is fantastic. It has a clean citrus scent to it that I love, and I feel like it really does ‘clean’ my hair. (I watched this cute video to show just how well it can clean sweaty hair here- perfect for gym days!) Hold the bottle 8-10 inches from your hair and spray along your roots. I section off parts of my hair as I spray- so the front, lift up each front side and spray, lift up the back middle section and spray etc. Then wait about 30 seconds.

You will see a white powdery look to your hair at first, but after the 30 seconds, take your fingers and rub along your roots where you sprayed the dry shampoo to spread evenly and ‘dust off’ the dry shampoo.

SECOND: Add a dime size about of the Prime Style Extender Cream just to the ends of your hair. This will give it a little weight and make it piecy, perfect for curing. Don’t add it to your roots or you will undo the cleaning effect of the dry shampoo. I should also add that I don’t brush my hair out. I feel like this ruins the effect of the soft beachy waves you will create.

Curl your hair in slightly thicker section. Curl away from your hair and start about 5″ from your roots, leaving 1-2 inches uncurled at the bottom.

THIRD: Add a tiny pea-sized drop of the Satin Hair Serum to your palms (a little goes a long way!). Rub it between your hands to warm it up and ‘activate’ it. Very loosely run your fingers through the bottoms of your curls and touch lightly along the top of your hair to smooth out and fly-aways.

FOURTH: Set your curls with the Flex Shaping Hairspray. I like this hairspray because it isn’t too stiff. It lives up to it’s name because it allows you to still run your fingers through your hair while keeping the curls in tact.

And there you have it! Nobody would guess that your hair was in desperate need of a wash when you woke up. I used this technique last week for a Christmas party I was attending. I had every intention of washing my hair but that was a luxury I just didn’t get to that day. Instead of rushing to try and wash it (and be late for the party in the process) I just did all the steps I listed with my Living Proof products and it added another day of not having to wash and style my hair.

Everyone’s hair is different, and mine reacted really well to the Dry Shampoo. But if you are unsure of which product to start with, try out this product selector tool to help you figure out which products would work best for you!

in collaboration with Living Proof. a product I use and believe in.
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