The holidays are always crazy. There are so many fun activities to go to and parties to attend…but preparing for them takes a lot of time and energy. Three years ago I was tired of being so stressed out the entire month of December, so I made a few changes in how I prepared for holiday parties and it has made such a difference! I’ve followed suit every year since then and I am really able to enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas, rather than spend them stressed out and frazzled.

I look forward to holiday parties probably more than the average person. I love getting dressed up and going to parties! But the truth is I’m usually trying to get dinner for the kids, pick up the babysitter, nurse the baby while putting on my makeup, etc. So even getting ready (my favorite part) can become stressful!  Today I’ve partnered with GLAMGLOW to share 3 things I do early in the month of December to make getting holiday-party-ready stress free!

After having Eli I struggle to even find time to paint my nails! And even if I do, they end up chipping 2 days later because I’m constantly working around the house with my hands. So early in the month of December I get a gel manicure (either with Eli in my baby wrap while the kids are in school, or early in the morning on a Saturday when Garrett is home). It is so nice not to have to try and paint my nails last minute as I’m running out the door.

I used to never ever go to bed without washing my face. But so many late nights have taken their tole, and I’ve become guilty of quickly scrubbing my my face with a makeup remover wipe and climbing in bed. My complexion tends to be dry and uneven because of this, so I’ve been using this GLAMGLOW mud mask all throughout this month. My favorite mask is the GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment mask. It’s a quick application and I only have to leave it on for 10 minutes. So I throw it on before I nurse Eli at night, a time where I can actually sit and relax. The mask starts working right away and gets tingly, and my skin is super clean after I wash it off. I can tell a difference in the tightness of my skin as well. I’m so paranoid about getting wrinkles, I love this aspect about the mask. The results are instant! By spending just a few minutes taking care of my skin with GLAMGLOW, my skin is fresh, glowing, and ready for holiday party makeup. The great thing about these masks is that they don’t interfere with any other skincare products, so they work great for all skin types (which makes for a perfect gift as well!).

I always have a million things I’m trying to take care of before I leave at night for a party. On the days that I leave my hair and makeup very last, I’m always the most stressed and wishing I had more time to spend on it. This year I started to do my hair and makeup early in the day and it has made a big difference. Sometimes I will have my makeup completely done and my hair curled before I pick up Cash from preschool. This probably sounds crazy, but I have the most free time in the mornings while the kids are in school. By the time dinner rolls around, all I need to do is freshen up my lipstick, blush, and spray my hair a bit. So get yourself ready first and I promise you’ll enjoy your night a whole lot more.

created in partnership with GLAMGLOW
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