With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, I’ve been taking all my favorite pink and red lipstick shades on trial runs. I have a lot of different colors that I love to wear, but the ones that I end up gravitating to are my matte lipsticks. I feel like the pigment in the colors are more vibrant and long lasting than creamier lipsticks. While they stick on my lips and last longer, they also tend to dry out my lips. But I recently discovered Vaseline’s new lip tins (which I am obsessed with) and have discovered a few tricks for keeping my lips moisturized and colorful…
tip 1: Start with a lipliner a share darker than your lipstick. This will give some depth to you color and keep your lipstick from fading. I always color in my whole lip with the lipliner.  This will give you lipstick something to stick to and be less likely to wipe (or kiss) off

tip 2: Always blot. After you apply your lip color, blotting will secure that color. Blotting is also a great way to get a matte finish with a creamier lip color.
tip 3: Keep your lips moisturized. I’m always worried about the color on my lips drying out during the night as I am talking or eating. Sometimes my lipstick fades towards the inside of my lips and I hate that. I love applying a little Vaseline to my lips after I blot them to help keep them moisturized. I prefer Vaseline to a gloss, because it hydrates without the stickiness. It also isn’t tinted, so it doesn’t chance the color of my lipstick. Vaseline just came out with these cute little lip tins in different scents. The rose tin is my favorite!
It actually smells just like roses! I mean..I can’t think of anything else more kiss worthy than lips that actually smell like roses. 
They have an Aloe scent and a Cocoa Butter scent along with the original. The scented ones smell so good! The Aloe is a close second to the Rose. They have them at Target and are the perfect size and shape to throw in the side pocket of my diaper bag, or smaller date night clutch. And that giant Vaseline tin? It’s not wearable…its edible! 
You really haven’t lived till you’ve eaten a cake shaped like a tin of Vaseline! (haha!) 
Now I just need to figure out what shade I’m wearing for date night. What are your favorite shades?
*In collaboration with Vaseline
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