photography by Kendra Maarse

I’m always running around like a crazy person, so the bag that I carry with me has to be strategically stocked with everything I will need to make it through a busy day! (these are all things in addition to baby items- diapers, wipes, etc).

Quality Oversized Bag– I have a lot of fun clutches and smaller bags that I use less frequently, but my day to day bag really takes a beating. I’ve started buying better quality bags (real leather vs. faux leather) so they don’t fall apart after only a few months of use. GiGi New York also just released this bag and it is stunning! Amazing leather quality, big enough to fit all my purse/diaper bag needs. It’s a tote bag, but is divided up into sections inside that allow me to keep all my items organized…until my son Cash gets into it searching for gum.

Perfume Sample Bottles– I have so many tiny perfume testers. I used to just keep them in a bag in my closet, but I started throwing a few into each of my purses and I love it! It’s a quick way to freshen up and mask the smell of baby spit up.

Hand Sanitizer– With a small baby, I’m a crazy person about hand sanitizer. I always have small ones in my bag that I make the kids use after school or the park, or before going out to eat. I prefer the kind that you can spray or pump rather than the kind that squeezes out. They make for a much cleaner application for small hands.

Snacks (me and the kids)- Food, always. Someone is always hungry. I learned very quickly not to just grab cereal bars for the boys. I also pack a protein bar or a bag of nuts for me because a hungry mom is usually a hangry mom, and that’s not good for anyone!

Vaseline Tin– I go crazy when I have dry lips. I can’t leave the house without some kind of lip moisturizer, and I love my Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins. I grabbed mine at Target but they are also available at They have some great flavors too. The rose and aloe scented ones are amazing. Did you know you can get them monogramed now?! I mean…its tiny and monogramed, so it doesn’t get much better! I keep mine in this adorable (also monogramed) lip tin holder key chain and it puts an end to my purse digging. My boys always have dry lips when I pick them up after school, so my lip tin gets used by everyone.

A personalized Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin & GiGi New York Leather Tin Holder both come free with any GiGi New York personalized purchase over $100 (until March 19th). Shop them here. They can also be purchased separately and come with a free Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin. It really doesn’t get much cuter!

Travel Size Deodorant– Pushing my stroller with all my kids up and down hills to and from schools makes me sweaty. And I hate being sweaty. Deodorant in my bag is a must!

External Phone Charger– My phone is a lot like Grand Central Station. I am notorious for not responding to half my texts. Between texts from Garret and work and friends and church, my phone battery is down to 20% by 10 am (not joking). So I try to always have an external phone charger with me at all times. Because if my phone were to die, I would probably die too!

Lipstick– I have my Vaseline to share, but my lipstick is all mine! I have a bag chocked full of lipstick (they just accumulate over time). Right now I think I have about 16 lipsticks, which is completely ridiculous, I know. If I could bring just one it would be ‘Lovelorn’ by MAC. It’s my go to pink!

Compact– I always throw in a makeup compact for easy touchups if we decide to go out to dinner as a family and I don’t have time to run home.

In collaboration with Vaseline & GiGi New York

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