I have a million pink lipsticks, but every year around this time I go on the hunt for the perfect pink to wear for spring (last year my pick was MAC ‘lovelorn’). So a few weeks ago, I had an hour to myself and I rushed down to Nordstrom’s beauty department and went on the hunt for the best pink lipsticks out there right now. I tested out a ton in the store, and brought a bunch home with me just to make sure I got the right ones.

The winners were: NARS Claudia, MAC Saint Germaine, NARS Schiap, and MAC Retro Matte. I broke down what I loved about each one below (and which one is my very favorite)…

MAC Saint Germaine: This is a gorgeous light purply pink that is creamy with a light sheen. If you want more of a matte, just blot your lips with a tissue lightly and it will make for a pretty matte without drying out your lips. I’ve tried a lot of light pinks but they end up looking too white on me. The undertone of purple in this one adds just the right amount of depth so that it doesn’t look too light. I also love this color on brunettes!

NARS Claudia: This one is hands down my favorite. I’ve wore it almost every day this week! See here and here. I am obsessed with this pink/purply orchid color this year, and I especially love it in a lip color! Its bold, but not too bold. Sometimes I line my lips with my Mac lipliner in ‘Boldy Bare’ and that deepens up the color a bit. I’ve often wondered if NARS lipsticks were worth the higher price tag, and this lipstick is such great quality! It goes on matte (which I love), but by the end of the day, I still have nice even coverage. Lots of mattes wear off leaving a line inside your lips or around the edges of your lips. I don’t even feel like I need to wear lipliner with this one either; it’s so highly pigmented. If you want to invest in a great, everyday pink- go with this one!

NARS Schiap: This pink packs a punch! It is a true fuchsia, which I think looks good on so many different skin tones. It is super bright, but not obnoxious. Such a fantastic bright pink lip!

MAC Retro Matte: Isn’t this one pretty?? This is the only true “matte” that I grabbed, and the color is so amazing. It’s a deep pink, but definitely not a red. I was afraid it would look more red/orange because the tube itself is pretty red, but it’s definitely a dark pink. This is a perfect alternative to a bright red lip for date night!

Aren’t they such pretty colors? I wanted to pick the best out of every variation of the color pink. Which one is your favorite?

in partnership with Nordstrom | photography by Kendra Maarse
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