Head to toe white outfits are one of my very favorite things to wear in spring. It is just so fresh and clean. Now…my white pants don’t always stay clean the whole day, but a little bleach and wash can always fix that. I love this long vest and how it breaks up the white just a bit. It’s long, cozy, and easy to wear.
I wore this look a few weekends ago when Abby and I did a meet and greet up in Utah. It was so much fun! We were both not sure if anyone would even show up, so we were thrilled and excited that so many people came! There is something so funny about writing a blog. I put in a lot of time and effort into getting the right shot, or writing the right thing, but rarely do I get to actually talk to people face to face that are actually kind enough to read what I write.
Everyone was so sweet! We kept it really casual and I got the chance to chat with everyone who came. I felt like I left with lots of new friends! Being able to meet long time readers and thank them for their kind words and support was definitely one of the highlight of my trip!
Abby and I were up in Utah filming for a new show for BYUtv called Random Acts, and I just found out that it will air this Monday April 4th at 8:30pm MST on BYUtv. We had such an amazing opportunity to help out someone so deserving. I’ll talk a little more about my experience in a later post, but tune in if you can! it will also be available online at
Here are a few shots from our meet and greet….





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