We got back from our trip to Oahu a few weeks ago, and I’m already getting antsy to start planning our next vacation! I was a little worried that traveling with all of the kids was going to be completely exhausting. Well, it was…but it was WORTH it! I’m recapping the first part of our trip today, and I put together a little video below. The pictures are so fun to have, but it’s the video that really shows what a blast we all had!


The first part of our trip we stayed at The Outrigger Reef Waikiki. It’s a gorgeous family friendly resort right in the heart of Waikiki.
because of the time change, we all work up really early Hawaii time, so we would walk down to a pier at the hotel and watch the sunrise. (can you tell it’s 5:30am? haha!)
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The boy loved having their own room at the outrigger. We got 2 rooms that joined and it was so nice to be able to close the boys door once they were all asleep. We all got a good nights rest because of it!
The boys weren’t too into snorkeling, but they were obsessed with watching the fish with their goggles. Even in such shallow water they could see lots of fish!
During our stay at The Outrigger Reef we checked out the Waikiki Beach Walk, right next to the hotel. They have great shopping, yummy restaurants, and this cute splash pad for the boys to play in.
I stopped into a cute little boutique called Mahina that had the best stuff! Lots of light airy pieces with a laid back beachy feel. I picked up some white cut off shorts and a cute turquoise ring.
They even had a spot in the store with toys, so the boys were entertained while I shopped!


The boy’s favorite store by far was Candy Bar. They were in heaven because we pretty much let them have all the sugar they wanted. This candy shop has the most amazing cotton candy. We also got a box of chocolate covered macadamia nut balls.  OH my gosh! I cannot stress to you enough how amazing these were. I honestly ate 90% of the box myself.


We also stopped in Truffaux, a boutique that carries the best panama hats. All the hats are hand woven and take between 4-6 months to create. It was so interesting to learn about the how these hats are made, and we each walked out with one that we wore pretty much the rest of our trip.


I snuck off to the gym while the boys were all napping. I sweat way more in Hawaii than I usually do during a workout!


I made my coral dress (tutorial coming soon!) but you can shop an identical one here.
We got the boys squirt guns for the pool before we left and they carried them everywhere we went!


We loved every minute at The Outrigger Reef Resort and I would highly recommend the resort, especially if you are traveling with kids. It was super family friendly and we met lots of other families while we were out at the pool. The staff was so friendly and the bellmen were all so cute and nice to the boys (even when they climbed all over their luggage carts like monkeys).
On our last night there we let the boys swim and we ordered dinner poolside from the restaurant they have next to the pool. Garrett and I sat at our table eating while we watched the boys swim and listened to the live Hawaiian music. It was so relaxing!


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