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The best kidproof phone cases.coral phone case c/o OtterBox


Two Sundays ago we were ready for church with 3 minutest to spare (shocker..that never happens), so I quickly set up our tripod to take a family picture. I am crazy paranoid about damaging my phone. I am constantly capturing pictures and videos of the kids to document our day, and it is my literal lifeline for work. I watch the boys like a hawk when they have it. But I was rushing to get the shot, and didn’t secure my phone in the tripod holder well enough. Mid-picture the phone fell, landing face down on the cement and shattering  the screen. Shards of glass were falling out, choruses of angels started crying, the whole nine yards. (did this stop me from grabbing Garrett’s phone to get the right picture? absolutely not. I’m insane, I know.)

I had a case on my phone…but it was then that I realized I really needed to step it up in how well I protect my phone. Between snapchatting with the kids, and the mad rush of everyday life, my phone gets dropped about 5-8 times a day. So I did some research on the most protective cases and I found the best option out there. I grabbed myself an OtterBox case and I’m hooked. There is a rubber rim that goes around the front of the case, so if little grabby hands drop it, or if I force another rushed family picture, I will be protected.

I’m not one to give up style though, so I went with this adorable coral case from their Symmetry Series Cases line. They have some great patterned style too (I love this blush floral print one). These cases aren’t bulky (which would have been a deal breaker for me). My phone is still thin enough to stick in my back pocket. You can check out all the colors/patterns they have here.



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