Happy Monday everyone! First things first, I announced all 8 winners from my huge blog redesign giveaway last night over at the bottom of this post. So make sure you check it out, and send me an email to confirm your prize if you are one of the winners!

I am so excited to announce today that this week I am the guest editor over on Brickyard Buffalo!


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I was thrilled when they asked me to be an editor for them. I am a huge fan of their site, and I really love that they have developed a great space online to promote and sell goods and products from small quality businesses at a great sale price. I put a lot of thought into my favorite stores and products that I wanted to be featured, and I hope you love them as much as I do!

I had to feature the skirts from my clothing line…

IMG_4103 copy

IMG_3990 copy

Sunny_Cover copy 3

Poppy_Cover copy

After Eli was born, I closed up my online clothing store (, but I decided to deeply discount the remaining Take A Bow skirts and Great Lengths Maxi skirts for this sale. So head here now to grab one for the lowest I’ve ever discounted my skirts! Sizes and quantities are limited, so you’ll need to act fast!


MG Main Website Photo 3-01 copy Beginner Intermed Image-01

I’m also featuring our Modern Girls Guide to Sewing online sewing courses! If you aren’t familiar with our course, Merrick and I created a two-part online sewing course where we walk you through every single step to create your own custom clothing! You can read more about the Beginners Course and Intermediate Course here. This discount is even bigger than our Black Friday sale, so make sure you grab one or both courses here if you missed out on our previous sale!


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Eli’s first birthday was this weekend, and I can’t even handle that it’s already been a year! He was the proudest little baby waddling around in his #1 Kids By Hand tee. I loved it so much I had to include this cute shop in my roundup.

I’m wearing my striped Great Lengths Maxi skirt that is on sale for $24.99 over on Brickyard! It has never been on sale for that low. I created my own custom knits for these skirts and used the highest quality modal knit. They are so soft and durable. I wore this same skirt through two pregnancies, and it has held it’s shape and color perfectly. It’s the best skirt to throw on, and the comfort level is every pregnant woman’s dream! It would make for a fun baby shower gift too.

Brickyard Buffalo-9731

Brickyard Buffalo-9746

Chatbooks have been a life/guilt saver when it comes to actually printing out my pictures. I feel like I have so many great shots with my kids all stored on my phone, and I keep lying to myself that I will put them together into this big elaborate book, but it never happens. Chatbooks makes it so easy to get those sweet pictures in my kid’s hands so they can see them! They are so quick and easy to make; I just load all the images and captions right from my instagram. Grab your first Chatbook free here!




I am so picky when it comes to art, and displaying art in my home. I love this simple ampersand print that is so pretty and neutral. I had a hard time figuring out which room to display it in. Grab this print at a discount here!

My black Harlow dress is also on sale at Brickyard Buffalo. It has pockets and comes in 5 colors!




I bribe my boys with a kiss every afternoon to get them to run upstairs and get my phone cord for me when my phone is about to die (it’s really a win win for me…suckaas!!). So thank goodness for this phone charging/docking station. I’m still going to steal kisses from my boys, but I don’t have to transfer cords back and forth all day anymore!

My Harper Moto pants are super cute and super affordable, and they are another one of my picks over at Brickyard.


Brickyard Buffalo-9749

I have an Arvo watch obsession. Between the two of us, Garrett and I have SIX Arvo watches. I wear one almost every day. They are classic, minimal, and perfect. They had to be one of my Brickyard pics, so they are on sale here for more than 40% off.


Head over to to see all these stores the other stores I featured! If you grab something from the sale, I would love to know what you got in the comments below!

The sale on all these items runs today through Sunday (8/8-8/14)


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