Under the sea family Halloween costume.

Happy Halloween! I always say that Halloween is my secret favorite holiday. I look forward to it so much! We are huge fans of dressing up, and this year Bradley came up with the idea to do and underwater theme, so we went with it! I love my little sea turtle, deep sea divers and my handsome shark (who is always the best sport for dressing up!)

A mermaid and baby sea turtle costume.

Deep sea divers + shark family Halloween costume.I think this one is my very favorite picture from the whole shoot!

Under the sea family Halloween costume.

Under the sea family Halloween costume.Baby sea turtles are my favorite animal, so I could hardly handle Eli’s cuteness in this costume!

Deep sea divers Halloween costume.

A shark and mermaid couples costume.

Baby Sea Turtle costume

Scuba divers and sea turtle kids costume.

A mermaid, a shark, deep sea divers, and a baby sea turtle family Halloween costumes.

A mermaid and baby sea turtle costume.

Shark and scuba diver Halloween costume.

Under the sea family Halloween costume.

Under the sea family Halloween costume

Eli’s Sea Turtle Costume | Moccasins

Garrett’s Shark Costume

I made the boy’s costumes, they were really simple- just a long sleeved black shirt and black sweatpants. I originally borrowed wet suits for them to wear, but when I tried on Cash’s he looked at me and said “mom I can’t breathe!” so I decided to nix that idea. I just cut out foam flippers and hot glued elastic to the ends so they could slide their shoes through. For their scuba gear, I just spray painted soda bottles and duct taped the arm straps on, and black plastic tubing and a black round something-or-other from the hardware store. And for their masks I just cut a hole in a black adult beanie.

I made my mermaid costume- check back tomorrow for the full tutorial on how I made it and all the beauty/makeup products that I used!

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photography by Kendra Maarse


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