Golden mermaid costume tutorial.

For Halloween this year our family did an ‘Under the Sea’ theme (you can view the post with our family pictures here). I loved how my mermaid costume turned out! It was really simple and if you watch my snapchat, you saw me start this costume at 11:30pm the night before 😉 What can I say, I work better under pressure! I listed the tutorial for my costume and all the links to my hair/jewelry/make-up details below..

Golden mermaid costume tutorial.I found the most perfect mermaid inspired earrings here.

Golden mermaid costume tutorial.

Golden mermaid costume tutorial.

Golden mermaid costume tutorial.

Golden mermaid costume tutorial.

Golden mermaid costume tutorial.

Golden mermaid costume tutorial.

I wanted to do a different mermaid costume than the typical Ariel mermaid, and didn’t want to go too literal with the seashell bra, so I kept this one pretty simple and just let the fabric do the talking. I originally wanted to do a silver top, but I found this gold lame at Jo-anns and it was too good to pass up. My hair/makeup details are below, and then follow the jump at the bottom of this post for the full sewing tutorial for how to make this simple mermaid costume!

I have been doing my own eyelash extensions for the past year- I wrote a whole tutorial on how I do them and you can check it out here.


Follow the jump below for the costume tutorial…




Golden mermaid costume tutorial.

Mermaid costume tutorial.



  • 2-3 yards of stretchy shiny green fabric (I got mine at Jo-anns)
  • 2 yards of gold stretchy fabric (I got mine at Jo-anns)
  • 1/2 yard of green tule (optional)
  • 1/2 yard of darker green fabric (optional)


Wrap the green fabric around you with the wrong side of the fabric facing out. Bring the top of the fabric right below your bust with the stretch of the fabric going widthwise. If your fabric has scales on it, make sure they are pointing in the right direction. Pull the fabric pretty tight against your body (I made mine tighter on top so that it would hold in place better). Pin the fabric together along the back center. You can have a friend do this or just do it yourself if you are flexible and rushing for time (haha!). Place the pins up and down about 1 inch apart all the way down the back of you. Stop pinning once you get to your knees


Carefully slide the skirt off of you making sure not to knock off any pins. Then lay your fabric down (still inside out) folded with the front middle on the left side and the row of pins on the right side. Take a marking pen and draw along the curve of where you places your pins (kind of like you are connecting the dots).


Stitch a straight stitch all the way down that line and trim off the excess leaving about 1″ s.a. (Just to be safe, leave a little more s.a. when you first sew is just in case you need to make it a bit tighter when you try it on. When you get to the end of your pins, cut out at a diagonal to get the look of the full fins at the bottom.


On the back opening, take your tule or other shades of green fabric and layer them on top of each other to create full ruffles. Pin these right at the bottom of the end of the back seam, to the wrong side of the fabric so that the seam allowance is covered. Cut up to make smaller strips if you like the look of that (I did this with my darker green fabric to mimic the look of seaweed)


Use an existing long sleeved shirt to create a pattern for your gold top. My fabric didn’t fray (and I was in a hurry) so I didn’t hem the neckline or sleeves. I made the top longer and just pulled the mermaid skirt up over it. You can view a full video tutorial I made for how to create a pattern from your existing clothing here.

Golden mermaid costume tutorial.


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