Floral pajamas.

The beauty struggle nobody talks about.

Floral pajamas.

The beauty struggle nobody talks about.

Floral pajamas.

The beauty struggle nobody talks about.

Floral pajamas.

The beauty struggle nobody talks about.


We all have beauty issues we struggle with; acne, overly plucked eyebrows, short lashes, thin hair, etc. etc. I have struggled with a beauty issue for years that I rarely see talked about among women. Mostly because it’s embarrassing and pretty easy to hide. I’ve had an extremely dry scalp ever since I was a young girl. The dry, winter weather just makes it worse! It is dry, itchy, flakey…I can hardly even write this because it grosses me out! I’m always embarrassed every time I go to a new hairstylist, and I’m constantly apologizing for the condition of my scalp when they highlight my hair.

While I’m dishing embarrassing secrets, here is another one. When I was in middle school I got lice while I was away at a girls camp. To make matters worse, I had a sleepover with a bunch of my girlfriends right after the camp, and I didn’t know I had it at the time. A few days later we realized I had lice, so my mom had to call all of my friends’ moms from the party and tell them! You guys…it was awful. Trying to get rid of lice was one of the worst experiences. I remember coating my head in vaseline and wrapping my hair in plastic wrap. Then we had to use this awful gritty mud to get the vaseline out of my hair once the lice was gone, and it completely dried out and damaged my hair and scalp. To this day I blame my dry scalp on that horrible lice episode.

I have tried so many products to stop my dry itchy scalp. As a lot of you know, I only wash my hair about once a week (I did a full post about it here). By the end of the week, my scalp gets really itchy, and that is one of the main reasons why I cave in and wash it. I recently switched my shampoo to Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo to see if it would give my scalp long lasting relief, and I have been so happy with the results. My scalp usually starts getting bad by day 3, but after using Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo I was able to go 5-6 full days with an itch/flake-free scalp! The mint-infused shampoo cools my scalp and starts working on contact. I then use my normal conditioner and styling products, and I am left with soft healthy hair and finally a healthy scalp! I no longer have to apologize to my hair stylists anymore.

Do any of you struggle with a dry scalp? Why does it feel so embarrassing?! If you have gone through what I have, you have to add Head & Shoulders to your hair care routine! It’s available on Amazon, it’s affordable, and it works.



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  1. I too have struggled with dry scalp for years and am so embarrassed by it…especially at the hair salon. I never know if I should just not even aknowledge it to the hairdresser or tell them so they know I am already aware. I’ve even gone to the dermatologist for it and got medicated shampoo which did help but the side effects on your hair (thinning, hair loss) weren’t worth it to me, so I stopped using it! Thanks for opening up about it!!

  2. I too suffer from dry scalp. I do use head and shoulders. I used to work at an upscale beauty boutique and tried all the most expensive best ingredient dandruff shampoo products and I have to say that head and shoulders works the best.
    I also had lice in elementary school. I borrowed a friends sweatshirt at recess and ended up with it. So embarrassing.

  3. We buy the 2-in-one Head and Shoulders (shampoo/conditioner) from Costco, and both my husband and I use it. I still use a small amount of conditioner after I wash my hair, but it leaves our hair so soft and clean! No shame, girl!

  4. I have the same problem. My dermatologist said the best thing you can do is wash your hair every day. She told me to alternate between two different dandruff shampoos. If washing everyday wasn’t possible) preferred, she prescribed something that went on the scalp when it itches. You may want to talk to your dermatologist!

  5. I have the same issues with an itchy scalp. The only shampoo that works for me is BeautyCounter. It’s amazing what a difference my scalp is in after a couple weeks of using it.

  6. Yes I have same issue and I only wash my hair about every 5-6 days and that’s just cause it’s itching so bad . I use redken I have used tea tree shampoos that help but nothing has really help me overcome it all together. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have the same, annoying issue. I use Clear scalp and hair shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried so many things, and it works for me so well!

  8. I use baking soda about once a week and then condition with whatever I have in the shower. It not only helps if my scalp is dry and itchy but it also clarifies my hair.

  9. A natural remedy that’s worked for my daughter is Greek yogurt mixed with a Tbsp lemon juice, rub into your scalp (onto dry hair) and let sit for 29 minutes then rinse, shampoo and condition. She’s not had flaky scalp for about two months now, that was after one “treatment”. Question for you…where did you get your cutie pj’s?! They look so comfy!

    1. I’ve never heard of that! I’ll have to try it! My jammies are from Plum Pretty Sugar!

  10. I had lice as a kid and it was the worst! My mom and I both refused to cut my waist-length hair so we spent hours and hours with a fine-tooth comb. When all else failed, the pediatrician gave me a prescription that helped get rid of them.
    Funnily enough, I have a pretty dry scalp now too! I alternate head and shoulders with other shampoos to keep it under control.

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