3 tips for growing longer healthier hair. 3 tips for growing longer healthier hair. 3 tips for growing longer healthier hair.Living proof strengthening spray

       3 tips for growing longer healthier hair. 3 tips for growing longer healthier hair.


I may not wash my hair regularly enough, but I do my best to keep it healthy. I love to try new things with my hair that will protect it and help it grow. I’ve had long hair all of my life, and I love having long hair! I remember when I was little my mom showed me how to comb out my hair when it was wet by starting at the bottom and moving my way up, so that I didn’t break or damage my hair. Right after I had Eli, my hair was really long and thick (three cheers for pregnancy hair!). When my hair started falling out a few months after giving birth, it was depressing. I knew it would happen because it happened with my first two. One thing I noticed was how much shorter my hair was in the front than it was in the back. I’ve been desperate to get those front sections of my hair to grow long and healthy again, and I found a few things that have helped over the past few months.

1. I stopped blow drying my hair. Never in a million years did I think I could do this. I have a very thorough hair-drying routine that I do. It turns out the heat and brushing from blow drying was really damaging the ends of my hair and stunting it’s growth. So I started washing my hair at night, and straightening and styling it in the morning. I do end up needing to wash my hair a little more frequently than I used to, but it isn’t as big of a hassle because I don’t have to blow dry. One thing that helps is prepping my hair with the right products when it is wet to keep it from drying super frizzy, which leads me to my next tip…

2. I protect my hair with the right quality products. I’ve used all kinds of products on my hair, and the ones that I keep coming back to are the higher quality products that really truly protect my hair. Even without blow drying, my hair can still get damaged with straightening and curling. I used to think that my hair just needed a little more moisture to stop the dry ends, but I’ve found one product that adds more than moisture to my hair. The formula in Living Proof’s brand new Restore Perfecting Spray starts working on my hair when it is wet, which is a crucial point in the damage cycle. At night when it’s damp, I spray my Restore Perfecting Spray all throughout my hair, and then comb it out to make sure it gets evenly applied. This spray coats my strands (without the buildup) and acts as a shield against hot tools. It also acts as a detangler, which is why I spray it on before I brush out my hair. This helps against any breakage while I am brushing.

At night I also run my fingers through the ends of my hair with the Restore Instant Repair lotion to help prevent split ends. In the morning it is mostly dry, and I noticed how much smoother my hair is after spraying the Restore Perfecting Spray all throughout my hair the night before. When it is dry, I spray Restore Instant Protection on my hair for an extra shield before I straighten or curl it.  I have to use heat to style my hair, but these Living Proof products help to protect my hair through all the styling, up to 400 degrees F. It’s so nice to know I now have a protecting shield on my hair to stop the breaking and damage that comes with higher heat. The time-released conditioning helps with restyling on the 2nd or 3rd day after washing. I get these products online, and they are also available at any Sephora.

3. I take vitamins everyday. When I am pregnant I take a prenatal vitamin that is packed with a ton of good daily nutrients that just so happen to make my hair grow like crazy! I didn’t stop taking the prenatal vitamins after I had Eli, and I also take a Biotin supplement every morning religiously. The biotin helps with my skin, hair, and nails and I can really tell a difference whenever I stop using it! I just pick it up at Costco or a grocery store. I just switched to the gummy kind and they taste good too!


in partnership with Living Proof  |  photography by Jordan Zobrist

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  1. Hi! Thanks for this great product info! I’m going to give them a try! I swear by their dry shampoo! You have beautiful hair and I love hearing your advice. Just wondering, what do you place on your pillow before you lay your wet head on it?

    1. Thank you so much Carrie! I don’t lay anything on my pillow, I just sleep on my side and have my hair laying across the pillow.

  2. I have always wanted long hair my hair is thinning and falling out frizzy and dull looking I want beautiful long hair will this product help

  3. I started taking the biotin gummies after I saw how long and thick it made my horses’ tails and manes!! I have to trim my nails (and their hooves) more often too.

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